E-Commerce Bundles

Bundles & Boxes

With GoGlobal.US, e-commerce fulfillment is easy for subscription boxes, bundles, kits, and much more.

Kits and subscription boxes are a huge trend in ecommerce. But these are only work if there is a fulfillment network backing them up.

We specialize in kitting, labelling, packing and fulfillment services built exclusively for your business needs. Our flexible teams are supervised by full-time, experienced managers who educate temporary staff, establish procedures, and maintain quality control throughout the kitting or labelling production.

Our assembly facilities are quickly and easily scalable with more than 80,000 sq. ft. available. These are well-equipped, secure environments that can be adjusted to do just about everything from kitting product with promotional videogames to ticketing bar codes to quality checking, sorting and filling ceramic Easter bunnies. All of our kitting and assembly solutions are subject to a rigorous quality assurance procedures and are fully customizable.

We can handle procurement, inspections, QC, quarantining and vendor management for all of your parts. Or, we can simply take your customer-owned inventory and be your assembly and shipping warehouse. Give us the opportunity to fulfill your packout and assembly needs.  Contact us today.


When you require the combination of multiple products into a new product, GoGlobal.US Warehousing's kitting services are a perfect fit. We have extensive experience in creating multi-packs, club packs and promotional kits among other combinations for a number influential US companies. When kitting is done in bulk, as opposed to each time an order comes in, it becomes more of a linear operation, meaning that items can be kitted more quickly. If you outsource fulfillment, this will save you time and money because your pick/pack costs will be less, as each kit will be counted as one SKU, as opposed to paying for pick/pack of each individual item. 

Kitting can also lead to postal savings with more efficient and cost-effective packaging. For example, rather than packing individual items into a standard-sized box, developing a custom box for popular kits can reduce the size and/or weight of your packages.


Labeling changes occur frequently during the print phase that requires unique solutions and a high degree of flexibility. Precise Warehousing’s labeling teams can manage all aspects of our customers labeling requests, regardless of scope and size. Benefits of using Precise for your labeling needs are:

We don’t have minimum requirements like our competition. This allows our customers to pay only for the quantities needed at an affordable price.

- All labeling jobs are double checked for accuracy and quality. Both quality checks are signed off by our labeling team leaders. We understand labels are the key to reflecting your brand’s message and identity. This is why we place a lot of emphasis on recruiting motivated, enthusiastic and competent individuals to fill our teams.

- Our flexible teams work in two shifts to maximize high volume requests to minimize turn around delays. With flexible staffing our labor solutions help you economically manage activity spikes and meet last-minute requests.


GoGlobal.US Warehousing has a proven expertise and discipline to simplify the complexity of trade customized re-packaging. We've been perfecting packaging, re-packaging and fulfillment services. Co-locating the assembly and packaging operation with the storage of your products reduces logistics costs, improves administrative efficiency, and increases flexibility and speed to market. We specialize in custom quick turnaround runs of display assembly and contract packaging.

We understand that products that have been properly packaged are more appealing. They have the ability to improve the sale volume of a certain product. People will usually buy something that is attractive to the eye, so having proper packing is a smart business strategy in some cases.  In other cases, it is all about finding the most cost-efficient way to product a manufactured good. We will package your product in the most effective and efficient way possible while insuring that your product is protected until its intended end-user is ready for it. 


E-Commerce Bundles

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